Sunday, October 24, 2010

Acer executives boasted that Dell no longer pose a threat to Acer

September 28, according to foreign media reports, Acer executives in Europe, said recently that Dell no longer pose a threat to the Acer. On the contrary, a threat to Dell Acer Daoshi.

Acer UK manager SemmyLevit a recent interview, said: "Dell is no longer a threat, on the contrary, Acer will be a threat to Dell."

Levit also admitted: "Dell is a big business, past performance is not bad. However, Dell now in jeopardy, and Acer will seize this opportunity to increase market share."

Meanwhile, European marketing director GianpieroMorbello Acer said: "We are winning market share, while Dell's share in the loss. For us, Dell is no longer a threat."

Acer announced the end of August to 710 million U.S. dollars acquisition of third largest U.S. PC maker Gateway. The transaction is expected to be completed before the end of this year, when Acer will surpass Lenovo as the world's third-largest PC maker.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Used to create automatic play music listening Pros CD

Burn music CD, is a required course for music lovers, but how to create automatic play audio CDs? If you are listening Pros, surrounded by those listening Pros would use to achieve it.

Hard disk partition on the selected MP3 music files a save folder, here assumed to be "E: Mp3". Open listening Pros installation directory (default is "C: Program FilesTTPlayer"), to which all of the files are copied to the "E: Mp3" folder. At the same time will need to burn MP3 music files and lyrics files are also copied to the "E: Mp3" folder. Double-click the "E: Mp3" directory "TTPlayer.exe" file to start listening Pros, in its main interface, click the "Play File" button to "E: Mp3" directory of all MP3 file into listening Pros the play list.

Listening Pros main interface in the right menu, click on the "chien Options" in the options window on the left navigation bar, click on "Play", and in the right window, check "program starts automatically play" items Click "Save All" button to save the settings.

In the "E: Mp3" folder, create a new text document, enter the following:


Open = TTPlayer.exe

After the save it as Autorun.inf file. Use Nero burning software such as "E: Mp3" in all the papers are all burned to CD. Thus, as long as Windows opens the CD-ROM AutoPlay feature, then put in the CD drive made in accordance with the above method MP3 music discs, CD-ROM root directory of the system according to the Autorun.inf, will automatically start listening Pros, listening Pros By default, the playlist, it can automatically play MP3 music.

If Windows does not open automatically playback, so users need only right-aligned drive select "Auto Play" will automatically play MP3 music.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Identify the black and white ash field, rapid correction of color cast photos

In the color correction to digital photos, how to accurately find the image in black and white gray market is a crucial step. This article introduces a fast and convenient technique, as long as there is black and white gray image, we can use this method to help you quickly and accurately find the black and white ash yard. Note that this method is not a panacea, because not all of the images are black and white ash yard. But as long as it has, we can quickly find it.

This is an entry-level digital camera family photos, we calibrate its color, for example, to see how to find the black market, white and gray market.

Color correction before

After the color correction

Identify the black market

1, open the need to correct color photographs. Click the Layers Panel at the bottom of the "Create new fill or adjustment layer" button from the pop-up menu, select "threshold" in the pop-up "threshold" dialog box, drag the slider to the left, then the image blank. Then slowly drag the slider to the right, you will see black pixels continue. First appeared in the black pixel region is the most secret part of the image that black market. Click "OK" button, Photoshop that add an adjustment layer.

Figure 1

Figure 2

2, from the toolbox to select a color sampling tools, in the above steps to transfer out of black pixels in the area click, the image of the black mark place in the points.

Figure 3


Identify the white field

1, the threshold adjustment layer "layer thumbnail" on the double, again open the adjustment layer dialog box, move the slider to the far right, the image will become black. Then slowly drag the slider to the left, you will see the continued emergence of the white pixels. First appeared in the white pixel area is the brightest part of the image that white field. Click "OK" button.

Figure 4

Figure 5

2, also to select a color sampling tools, marking a place in the point image of the white.

Figure 6

Find Ash

1, click the background layer, so that is active. Click the Layers Panel at the bottom of the "Create new fill or adjustment layer" button from the menu, select "solid color (solid)", fill in the color pop-up dialog box will be designated as "808080", that is neutral gray . At this point fill adjustment layer should be above the background layer, below the threshold adjustment layer. In the Layers panel, change the layer blend mode "difference (margin)."

Figure 7

Figure 8

2, double-click the threshold layer, adjustment layer dialog box open, will drag the slider to the left, then a blank image. Then slowly drag the slider to the right, you will see black pixels continue. First appeared in the black pixel region is part of the image of a neutral gray, or gray market. Click "OK" button.

Figure 9

3, select the color sampling tools, marking a place at the point of gray images.

Figure 10

Now you can adjust the layers of hidden or deleted. Finally create a new "curve adjustment layer" dialog box, click the Curve icon on the bottom right corner of the three straw, good position under the previous mark, set the black and white ash yard.

Figure 11

Figure 12

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