Sunday, October 24, 2010

Acer executives boasted that Dell no longer pose a threat to Acer

September 28, according to foreign media reports, Acer executives in Europe, said recently that Dell no longer pose a threat to the Acer. On the contrary, a threat to Dell Acer Daoshi.

Acer UK manager SemmyLevit a recent interview, said: "Dell is no longer a threat, on the contrary, Acer will be a threat to Dell."

Levit also admitted: "Dell is a big business, past performance is not bad. However, Dell now in jeopardy, and Acer will seize this opportunity to increase market share."

Meanwhile, European marketing director GianpieroMorbello Acer said: "We are winning market share, while Dell's share in the loss. For us, Dell is no longer a threat."

Acer announced the end of August to 710 million U.S. dollars acquisition of third largest U.S. PC maker Gateway. The transaction is expected to be completed before the end of this year, when Acer will surpass Lenovo as the world's third-largest PC maker.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Used to create automatic play music listening Pros CD

Burn music CD, is a required course for music lovers, but how to create automatic play audio CDs? If you are listening Pros, surrounded by those listening Pros would use to achieve it.

Hard disk partition on the selected MP3 music files a save folder, here assumed to be "E: Mp3". Open listening Pros installation directory (default is "C: Program FilesTTPlayer"), to which all of the files are copied to the "E: Mp3" folder. At the same time will need to burn MP3 music files and lyrics files are also copied to the "E: Mp3" folder. Double-click the "E: Mp3" directory "TTPlayer.exe" file to start listening Pros, in its main interface, click the "Play File" button to "E: Mp3" directory of all MP3 file into listening Pros the play list.

Listening Pros main interface in the right menu, click on the "chien Options" in the options window on the left navigation bar, click on "Play", and in the right window, check "program starts automatically play" items Click "Save All" button to save the settings.

In the "E: Mp3" folder, create a new text document, enter the following:


Open = TTPlayer.exe

After the save it as Autorun.inf file. Use Nero burning software such as "E: Mp3" in all the papers are all burned to CD. Thus, as long as Windows opens the CD-ROM AutoPlay feature, then put in the CD drive made in accordance with the above method MP3 music discs, CD-ROM root directory of the system according to the Autorun.inf, will automatically start listening Pros, listening Pros By default, the playlist, it can automatically play MP3 music.

If Windows does not open automatically playback, so users need only right-aligned drive select "Auto Play" will automatically play MP3 music.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Identify the black and white ash field, rapid correction of color cast photos

In the color correction to digital photos, how to accurately find the image in black and white gray market is a crucial step. This article introduces a fast and convenient technique, as long as there is black and white gray image, we can use this method to help you quickly and accurately find the black and white ash yard. Note that this method is not a panacea, because not all of the images are black and white ash yard. But as long as it has, we can quickly find it.

This is an entry-level digital camera family photos, we calibrate its color, for example, to see how to find the black market, white and gray market.

Color correction before

After the color correction

Identify the black market

1, open the need to correct color photographs. Click the Layers Panel at the bottom of the "Create new fill or adjustment layer" button from the pop-up menu, select "threshold" in the pop-up "threshold" dialog box, drag the slider to the left, then the image blank. Then slowly drag the slider to the right, you will see black pixels continue. First appeared in the black pixel region is the most secret part of the image that black market. Click "OK" button, Photoshop that add an adjustment layer.

Figure 1

Figure 2

2, from the toolbox to select a color sampling tools, in the above steps to transfer out of black pixels in the area click, the image of the black mark place in the points.

Figure 3


Identify the white field

1, the threshold adjustment layer "layer thumbnail" on the double, again open the adjustment layer dialog box, move the slider to the far right, the image will become black. Then slowly drag the slider to the left, you will see the continued emergence of the white pixels. First appeared in the white pixel area is the brightest part of the image that white field. Click "OK" button.

Figure 4

Figure 5

2, also to select a color sampling tools, marking a place in the point image of the white.

Figure 6

Find Ash

1, click the background layer, so that is active. Click the Layers Panel at the bottom of the "Create new fill or adjustment layer" button from the menu, select "solid color (solid)", fill in the color pop-up dialog box will be designated as "808080", that is neutral gray . At this point fill adjustment layer should be above the background layer, below the threshold adjustment layer. In the Layers panel, change the layer blend mode "difference (margin)."

Figure 7

Figure 8

2, double-click the threshold layer, adjustment layer dialog box open, will drag the slider to the left, then a blank image. Then slowly drag the slider to the right, you will see black pixels continue. First appeared in the black pixel region is part of the image of a neutral gray, or gray market. Click "OK" button.

Figure 9

3, select the color sampling tools, marking a place at the point of gray images.

Figure 10

Now you can adjust the layers of hidden or deleted. Finally create a new "curve adjustment layer" dialog box, click the Curve icon on the bottom right corner of the three straw, good position under the previous mark, set the black and white ash yard.

Figure 11

Figure 12

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ICP license issue processing

Why should apply ICP license?

According to The People's Republic of China State Council Order No. 291, "PRC Telecommunications Regulations," No. 292 "Internet Information Services", the state to provide Internet information services, ICP license system. Thus, ICP license permits a Web site management, business operations must apply for ICP license, otherwise is illegal. Therefore, the processing ICP card is legitimate business needs of corporate website.

鈥?How to determine the site is commercial or non commercial?

State Council Order No. 292 under "Internet Information Services" and "On the Internet information service for licensing and registration of the notice", operating mainly refers to the use of ICP-line advertising, on behalf of the web pages, letting the server memory space, hosting, paid provide specific information content, e-commerce and other Internet application services revenue by way of the ICP.

路 ICP Registration Certificate and Business Hongdun 315 What is the relationship?

ICP license issued by the Authority throughout the communications, provided the rights of legitimate business websites; Hongdun 315 registered from all over the business management department, to protect the legitimate rights of domain name.

* How to apply for ICP license?

Please contact your local communications authority consultation process.

* Under what circumstances to apply for BBS?

BBS or electronic bulletin board services, is the Internet electronic bulletin board, whiteboard, electronic forums, chat rooms, message boards and other interactive forms of information dissemination for the Internet users with the conditions of the act.
If your site offers more than electronic bulletin board services, BBS must apply for special applications.

* The virtual host have BBS, the need to apply with BBS's?
Yes, please contact your local communications authority consultation process


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Monday, September 13, 2010

Town and only "limited earnings"

Based on the "public interest begins and ends with profit," the strategic level, thousands of rural million new channel before joining the policy in March 2010 officially started. Channel different from the agency's traditional policy, the new preferential policy to support more, but also pay more attention to brand promotion, the cultivation of the channels, and regain the initiative, in support of the franchisees, while striving to achieve the company and join business and grow together.

Different from the traditional agency, the authorized franchisee title policy "CISS CNC ** Cross-sales service center market." Among them, the main difference or is the most favorable terms is a franchisee of a lot of money to support, that is, only to join the Town and provide financial support for a period of 3 years. Including its four sides, namely on the franchisee's office for a period of 3 years rent subsidies; Second, the company's sales for the franchisee to provide wage subsidies for a period of 3 years and KPI bonus subsidies; third is to provide each franchisee Acer brand online The 2; 4 is available free of charge during the product training and training, accommodation and transport costs.

In addition to funding support, as well as marketing support and other support policies to support. Overall, the intensity of support policies can not say much. Faced with such favorable terms, I believe many people will be tempted. Of course, they meet the conditions for joining the company will enjoy such favorable conditions.

Faced with such favorable conditions for support, some hearts will certainly be such a question: Is it good to promote the company's products? For why the launch of the channel so much effort to support the policy, Town and Talent company president Dr. Lin Guangxin said: "SAAS model in a foreign country is a very mature service model, in the country can be said that just started is the first company to provide SAAS service, after 5 years continuous service, the company's service quality has withstood the test. As the company grew, you can say that can promote the phase of large-scale, based on this consideration, the company decided to step up construction of the channel input. for our company, products and services quality problems that Bubi doubts, our company China has been engaged in software research and development experience of 16 years, from 2004 onwards, independent research and development "CISS cross Netcom" products, to B / S architecture, SAAS service mode services to the majority of small and medium enterprises. CISS cross on price with China Netcom competitive advantage, the same quality, lower prices. CISS features and services across Netcom has competitive advantages, the same price, function better and better services, is your trusted solution and service providers. "

The purpose of this channel is one of support policies to improve the company's product brand awareness, people's doubts again that if the funds into large-scale advertising, it can be achieved in a short time on high visibility, and funds invested in the company confused on enabling the franchisee for the problem, only vice president of Bo Town, said: "whether products or services, consumers are ultimately foot the bill, the cost of advertising eventually to be passed on to consumers. We support a lot of money available to join the channel, can reduce product prices, help consumers after the consumers of our services will word of mouth publicity that is more conducive to company. Moreover, advertising will only be known, and only a moment in time, we need a lasting reputation, consumers can bring long recognized the popularity, reputation, can be said that this policy can bring a win-win result, consumers get inexpensive quality services, the franchisee for funding support, our company was branding. "

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Business 2.0: "hundred-dollar laptop" will change the world

August 23, according to foreign media reports, Business 2.0 website has published an article that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology R & D laptop is going to change the world.

Laptop is aimed at developing the education market and the development of low-cost laptops, but not only benefit children in developing countries, hundred of innovative notebook also a major impact on the industry as a whole.

When you first see laptop is, the first impression it is a "children's toys." Bright green appearance, built-in handle, the rabbit ears antenna interesting, and rubber membrane keyboard. On the surface, a toy factory has the capacity to produce.

However, when picked up it, will feel the excellent work. When you open the computer, will find that has a wireless connection to the Internet. Moreover, also the composition of the local area network with other users. Even direct sunlight the screen can still clearly see the contents of the screen.

Although the laptop is in the future will continue to innovate, but its current achievements, enough to change the current design of notebook computers. It is changing the rules of the game, almost everyone in the hope that other manufacturers can also provide comparable with hundred-dollar laptop products.

It is reported that Quanta laptop is currently in mass production, expected in October this year the first batch of products delivered to users. The current cost of about 176 U.S. dollars, is expected in 2009 fell to 100 U.S. dollars.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dealer's "breakout year"

"Each year and a big change for three years", which is the speed of Shanghai. For dealers, the same need for such high-speed development. "Rectification year, starting two years, three escape", dealers have such a sense of crisis and urgency, the following case is the reference for the dealer who "escape" the four ways.

The staff working for themselves

Zhang Ke Shandong Weifang area beverage distributors, so the market two years later, Zhang Ke am very confused: every day, very busy, but the turnover is difficult to have a breakthrough; employees busy little day, But clearly his own mind, as long as employees can spend half a day each day dry down to business, he can burn the incense. Allow employees to open up gaps in the market, but they can always find reasons to shirk. Zhang Ke is very upset, and he understands these employees. Employees more than 1000 yuan per month salary money, count service commission, the best situation would only have 3000, they still want to buy a house, but also support their families, these wages is clearly not enough, if the increase in wages, increase their costs , then the how to motivate employees and enthusiasm?

Zhang Ke thought that if his own staff to become "small bosses", their pressure not only to their heads, and bring out their passion for work. So he summoned men Gan, convened a "working for their own" mini-communication will, at the meeting he announced several new articles: Who in the company's dry as long as two years, who can do that three times as long as the monthly sales champion, can apply for venture capital. He agreed with the staff: from their own money to start lending to employees, a sales area allocated to them, the staff responsible agents provide their own products, goods and vehicles in paying the money before completion, Zhang Ke profit agency spread of 1 / 3, also finished after paragraph, earn 1 / 4.

Zhang Ke The communication will be extremely successful, not only inspired the enthusiasm of employees, but there are three senior staff with great enthusiasm to his "second installment of Business" team. And the cash spot Zhang Ke successful, market funding and market risks of credit left to the "second installment of business." For the small business owner - the original employees, Ke Zhang not only allow them to charge their yearning for the future, but also gave them opportunities to make a fortune. After three years, Zhang Ke has developed two local branches, 20 of their own culture, "second installment of Business", along with more than 30 excellent salesman, an effort to fight the second installment of a new business every six months places and work hard. Zhang Ke has now opened up a small pipe market, a lot of his time spent on a new branch preparation and negotiations with manufacturers.

Self Bar

Wang Qiang, who Shantou, Fujian Nanping liquor distributors, University graduate, former occupation, "history teacher", he likes to drink tea, read books, the office often hanging scroll, he often boasted that "intellectuals."

In 1996, when competition in the market is far from fierce now. Wang Qiang at the "ready to risk everything" mentality, and after some effort to work hard, he drinks in the local areas of success occupy the foot.

In 1999, then became popular drinks in the field "buy shop" to buy food distributor terminal through the purchase of drinks right to control and influence of the terminal. Wang Qiang at the fastest speed in the local "enclosure", spent three years, Wang Qiang drinks in the local area very quickly established a solid sales network, and the first sales of the top three on board one of the local drinks. But Wang Qiang soon found himself confronted growth ceiling, originally a manufacturer have been working well despite their objections, the local launch "Depth distribution", to break up their exclusive rights. Huff, Wang Qiang is not only falling out with the manufacturers, but also the organization of local counterparts, and business against, the demolition of their legs of the table. After "Enter the Dragon", the manufacturers also suffered heavy losses, withdrew from the market, but as the initiator of confrontation, Wang Qiang benefits did not groan, but because the dispute with the company's attention diverted, not this year make any money.

Then by chance, that he shines. A bar near his company's owner, because going to the Australian immigration, ready to sell the bars, Wang Qiang at the first time that the news. Just got the news, he also do not care about, because when he was still thinking about how to open up the city officials of "wine brand of choice" issue. "How can we allow leaders to drink their own wine?", When the problem with the "transfer bar" message when coincidence, Wang Qiang thought of a brilliant idea - to build a high-end bar itself. He prepared the bar to collect the money. Wang Qiang idea is that bars membership to the local Commissioner of the above high-level officials and local businesses or celebrities into its own members, as long as they present their membership card, you can avoid two people wine list, and set up in a bar more private rooms, easy to chat to them about things. Wang Qiang set down in the bar after the crowd for a club of this city's high-opened quickly. He's the club, after the introduction of special services, has also been out of the loss. More importantly, he is now able to do all his main push of the end liquor in the local epidemic.

To the project from the wholesaler manufacturer

Zhou Bo, Wuhan, Hubei Province, more than 20 years in the field of sugar, wine, sugar, wine from its original state after the company came out on the sea opened a sugar, wine company. Old week is a "Laojiang Hu", and this is not just his time to be in this industry long enough, and he was in the circle of relationships is also very wide.

As "Lao Jianghu" old week for the company asked him to "take root in the market" requirements is always a "positive response, rarely enforced." Reason is simple, than a large circulation, a large wholesale distribution practice is easier to make money, but also much easier. Besides the major backbones of his own men who are out from the sugar, wine companies, and other companies to lower network number of Bibi, he is absolutely confident. But the old Zhou is also upset with the changing market situation, the wholesale business in decline. Although a number of managers recruited outside the special responsibility into the restaurant, but must pay cash up and down two, these years always cautious, afraid of their own down the bad day, white busy for a.

In a rum, the old week, why companies can engage in investment, and that they can not engage in it? Old week calculations, the province and they have thousands of network resources in the field, using the current market, investment media, to promote a product look good, as long as the operator a good product the price difference alone can make money. Old week is a "Laojiang Hu," so he "dealer" mentality is very clear, such as the new Deputy varieties, the most important thing is whether packaging, concept, or the content of the product to be new. So he has organized a three to see "Sugar & Liquor" in the field of new products. Once a new product, he looked on the OEM agreement to do business, and then in their own networks to promote and be promoted in the rum. 1.5 million OEM, production costs and investment promotion expenses, as long as the meeting in order to achieve 5 million of Sales Outstanding, this matter can be successful. If the extension fails, the loss of only 12 million of investment promotion expenses, do 4 to 5 year investment projects, as long as the can into a can ping this, of course, made the two will be able to make money. In this vein, the old week in the national net of large projects, which several years he did seize a number of good projects, such as with health care function of beer, a new snack food "bread slice," and so on, which is Old-week market "breakthrough by."

Baotuan conquer the world

Shen Mei, Shanghai, in Shanghai, sugar, wine system work more than 10 years, when the system in the sugar, wine known as "Zhejiang three women, will be" one of the most important reason was the sea is "honored person to help." An investment company's boss found her, because the investment company wants to enter the fast moving consumer goods circulation. In support of large sums of money, Shen Mei original network resources through their rapid circulation in the Shanghai market occupy a modern heel. With Carrefour, Metro and other large retailers cooperation, she was in Shanghai, white wine, red wine made considerable areas of performance, the company's sales in 2005 exceeded 200 million yuan on. If in the field, 200 million yuan in sales can be regarded as a super dealer, but the big market in Shanghai, on turnover of 100 million yuan can not say what, billions, even tens of billions of large dealer sales people at. More importantly, she suffered a growth ceiling problem. Under the existing channels, for two consecutive years her company has no significant sales growth.

At this point, in a "dealer development" seminar, she was inspired by one of the largest are: integration, integration of dealers network resources, is one of the ways dealers rapid growth. Back to the company, she kept in contact with several dealers were discussed. Shen Mei contact the dealer from her to see, no one, and where she now repeated the dealer channel, and each dealer has a turnover of tens of millions, but billions are not on the scale. This ensures that the status of her integration. After a lot of communication in negotiations and after the channel thoroughly, only 7 in Shanghai suburb, she discovered a conservative estimate of the Food Terminal market capacity reached nearly 800 million yuan, and the market structure significantly compared with the Shanghai downtown chaos. The strength of the brand in Shanghai suburb significantly weaker than the channel power. Market research results, to the Shen Mei strong confidence in the joint 7 of 7 dealers suburb, she in the entire suburban network coverage of the suburban counties accounted for 30% of the market, and her use of the existing network has been obtained from the major manufacturers of certain brands of the agency, such as Maotai, Yantai Great Wall, after which goods flow suburb, she will bring greater sales. Although the integration has just begun, but the current trend, Shen Mei business is expected to be achieved this year, more than 20% growth.

The Editor: the pace of development, from the business point of view, means that the business prospect. But the industry has worked hard in 2045 in the dealer, the development has come to a bottleneck. How to break through? How to break through? Dealers not only faces stiff competition from peers, the integrated terminal is also a competitor. Brand is also concentrated, the agent of big business more and more difficult to handle, more and more difficult. But dealers do not do mean a further breakthrough in the scale of difficult. 2 extrusion trend is irreversible, because they rapidly because they are rapidly integrating. Strength to face more and more powerful rival, the traditional dealer who seems to have no choice. To change this fate, only "quick breakthrough." For any dealer who must find a "quick escape" the path. Otherwise, sooner or later their fate lies in the hands of others. Rectification year, starting two years, three years "breakthrough." Hope everyone can take a good dealer will take a good.

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