Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ICP license issue processing

Why should apply ICP license?

According to The People's Republic of China State Council Order No. 291, "PRC Telecommunications Regulations," No. 292 "Internet Information Services", the state to provide Internet information services, ICP license system. Thus, ICP license permits a Web site management, business operations must apply for ICP license, otherwise is illegal. Therefore, the processing ICP card is legitimate business needs of corporate website.

鈥?How to determine the site is commercial or non commercial?

State Council Order No. 292 under "Internet Information Services" and "On the Internet information service for licensing and registration of the notice", operating mainly refers to the use of ICP-line advertising, on behalf of the web pages, letting the server memory space, hosting, paid provide specific information content, e-commerce and other Internet application services revenue by way of the ICP.

路 ICP Registration Certificate and Business Hongdun 315 What is the relationship?

ICP license issued by the Authority throughout the communications, provided the rights of legitimate business websites; Hongdun 315 registered from all over the business management department, to protect the legitimate rights of domain name.

* How to apply for ICP license?

Please contact your local communications authority consultation process.

* Under what circumstances to apply for BBS?

BBS or electronic bulletin board services, is the Internet electronic bulletin board, whiteboard, electronic forums, chat rooms, message boards and other interactive forms of information dissemination for the Internet users with the conditions of the act.
If your site offers more than electronic bulletin board services, BBS must apply for special applications.

* The virtual host have BBS, the need to apply with BBS's?
Yes, please contact your local communications authority consultation process


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Monday, September 13, 2010

Town and only "limited earnings"

Based on the "public interest begins and ends with profit," the strategic level, thousands of rural million new channel before joining the policy in March 2010 officially started. Channel different from the agency's traditional policy, the new preferential policy to support more, but also pay more attention to brand promotion, the cultivation of the channels, and regain the initiative, in support of the franchisees, while striving to achieve the company and join business and grow together.

Different from the traditional agency, the authorized franchisee title policy "CISS CNC ** Cross-sales service center market." Among them, the main difference or is the most favorable terms is a franchisee of a lot of money to support, that is, only to join the Town and provide financial support for a period of 3 years. Including its four sides, namely on the franchisee's office for a period of 3 years rent subsidies; Second, the company's sales for the franchisee to provide wage subsidies for a period of 3 years and KPI bonus subsidies; third is to provide each franchisee Acer brand online The 2; 4 is available free of charge during the product training and training, accommodation and transport costs.

In addition to funding support, as well as marketing support and other support policies to support. Overall, the intensity of support policies can not say much. Faced with such favorable terms, I believe many people will be tempted. Of course, they meet the conditions for joining the company will enjoy such favorable conditions.

Faced with such favorable conditions for support, some hearts will certainly be such a question: Is it good to promote the company's products? For why the launch of the channel so much effort to support the policy, Town and Talent company president Dr. Lin Guangxin said: "SAAS model in a foreign country is a very mature service model, in the country can be said that just started is the first company to provide SAAS service, after 5 years continuous service, the company's service quality has withstood the test. As the company grew, you can say that can promote the phase of large-scale, based on this consideration, the company decided to step up construction of the channel input. for our company, products and services quality problems that Bubi doubts, our company China has been engaged in software research and development experience of 16 years, from 2004 onwards, independent research and development "CISS cross Netcom" products, to B / S architecture, SAAS service mode services to the majority of small and medium enterprises. CISS cross on price with China Netcom competitive advantage, the same quality, lower prices. CISS features and services across Netcom has competitive advantages, the same price, function better and better services, is your trusted solution and service providers. "

The purpose of this channel is one of support policies to improve the company's product brand awareness, people's doubts again that if the funds into large-scale advertising, it can be achieved in a short time on high visibility, and funds invested in the company confused on enabling the franchisee for the problem, only vice president of Bo Town, said: "whether products or services, consumers are ultimately foot the bill, the cost of advertising eventually to be passed on to consumers. We support a lot of money available to join the channel, can reduce product prices, help consumers after the consumers of our services will word of mouth publicity that is more conducive to company. Moreover, advertising will only be known, and only a moment in time, we need a lasting reputation, consumers can bring long recognized the popularity, reputation, can be said that this policy can bring a win-win result, consumers get inexpensive quality services, the franchisee for funding support, our company was branding. "

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